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9/10 I like it a lot. Very nice contrast!

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Looking at the picture it seems like your trying to throw lots of content into it. The coast line, the sky, the palm tree, the town way yonder. In by doing so its hard to understand what your trying to capture. Sky shots like that are best when you get the dynamics of the sky (cloudy/stormy to clear). Not knowing what was to the right of the picture, I would have gone horizontal, focused on the sky and used the palm tree as a divider between clear/calm sky and cloudy/stormy sky. Also scenic shots sometimes look better black and white. Try it out and play around with the contrast.
I know what you mean about content. To the right of the picture is a road with some houses, and a bridge. Not really interesting. I had a horizontal shot but had more water and more of the town. The town in the back is just there. I was shooting silhouettes but turned around to see what the light was doing behind me. I'm still messing with the PP of the RAW. That's just what came out and really close to how it looked when I took that shot. It was weird.

This was the light coming from the other direction.
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I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
I will ban folks.... I swear.

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