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Modifying a WALZ (gasp!)

So I picked up this guy after I sold off the Kit Carson:

Seems silly, but it's pretty much exactly what I'd have WALZ build me (though I'm still on the books just in case, lol). Anyhow, the only thing I didn't love was the pump handle. It's really well done, I just like heftier pumps (strictly a preference thing). I took the lower tube apart to find that this guy had the same pump configuration as Kit - not much valve tube with a rod that slides into it and the rear of the pump and pushes a return spring:

That meant the nice Titus pump I already had would be very wobbly since it only had about 1" of valve tube to guide it.

What to do? Well... this! I first sleeved the inside of the pump with 3/4" copper piping - same OD as the valve tube, slightly tighter ID:

Next, I used a die to add some threads to the pump arm and shortened it slightly, then cut some delrin rod:

I drilled through the pump and rod and tapped the latter:

Added a leading hole for the set screw to a Sheridan CA tube plug (thanks Bacci!):

Routed out the holes in the pump and, after some careful aligning, got this!

The pump's about as (possibly more) stable than a standard pump with a valve tube under it. Slides very well so long as I don't clamp down the bottom screws as that pinches the valve tube between the pump body and the rod; I've found it's better to let the rod "float" a little. And, best of all, it's totally reversible in case I want to use Wally's pump. The only downside I've found is that I naturally want to wrap my index finger around the front of the pump... which puts it dangerously close to the business end of things.
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