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Originally Posted by jerryjjackson69 View Post
Downsides to the rotor are lower capacity (paint can get wasted podding up), and it's heavy. Mine only jams on misshapen low quality paint. I ditch my proph in favor of the rotor due to durability issues, the z2 improves on this though.

Still want more feedback on the spire though
I agree with you completely. I love my rotor, it has proven itself to me over and over again. Of course in stock form it doesn't have the capacity as the Pinokio or Z2 but with the high cap. top you gain some. Still in my mind if you want more paint in your loader, that is what pods are for. I think it is kind of silly trying to have this huge monstrosity of a hopper on top of your marker all because you are too lazy to carry some pods out with you. To each there own, but a little common sense might prevail and help in making your decision.
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