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I am sorry my Canadian friend but doing business in the US is a lot easier. I am not saying that I have not had a problem within the US. That in itself was a nightmare and that was about 10 years ago.

I sold a barrel to a guy in California. it should have taken 3-4 days back then for the shipment. In the days of no real tracking, I had no idea there was a problem. I though the guy got the barrel and was busy. About a month later, the guy sends me an E mail threatening me with lawyering up and saying I had deceptive practices. I said hold on here. You mean you have a problem now after I sent 2 E mails asking you if you got the barrel and then no replies from your side? So once the guy calmed down, I filed paperwork for rifling. Rifling is finding lost mail by the USPS. Well it turned out the barrel did make it to his post office. It was sitting on a shelf there. It took about a week for them [usps] to find the package. It just never got delivered. From then on I used which ever company I was working UPS system.

From about 1999 to 2007, I used UPS exclusively due to the fact their tracking was a hell of alot better plus most of the time I didn't have to pay for questionable tracking service. There was a time in which I shipped a 53 pound overnight from NJ to S7G's house in AK. It got the attention of the our local rep and he came in about 3 days later 2 months early for him. He said I noticed you are doing more NDAs and Long distance ones to boot. He is your new rate disc. Our freight bill dropped because of. So from then on, I would ship to Palmer's NDA with a return tag. My boss who was an avid shooter would NDA anything he needed. Hell most of the time he would just third party it. So the company still paid for the return service. See back then people were just happy they could follow their package.

Back to the point on hand. I could only imagine how it would be if that same problem was across a border. I would not want to see a fellow player get bent over for something that it is not.

As of right now, I am conducting an experiment. If it is successful. I may review the policy at a later date in time.

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