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Multiple Markers FS

Money has gotten really tight as of late, and I just don't play anymore... So here goes:

Paypal ONLY. I do not ship first. All this stuff is AS IS and some of it might be in pieces. I warranty nothing and accept no returns. I will post a link to pics later today. Feel free to pm me with any questions.

Green Xmill B2k Bushmaster. Has B2K4 Frame with DV8 LCD Board installed by HaveBlue (only DV8 install HB did). Does NOT have eyes, but the board does accept them. Also has Madman rocket valve, Shocktech Supafly bolt, Ram polished by HaveBlue, Lapco Vert ASA Adapter, AKA SCM LPR, ER Feedneck. Also comes with stock parts. Also comes with Unused Zenitram Y-Grip Frame and a metric boatload of barrels, including a Evil Pipe Kit with Green Ultra tip. $375obo

Gold SFT Shocker. Got this from a guy that worked behind a locked door at Evil/PMI. Has Evolve Ultra Low Pressure bolt kit, plus at least one other version of evolve bolt, and a SP High Efficiency bolt kit, includes ER Feed neck, Evil LPR, Matching Pipe Kit, Laser Etched AA Barrel. Also has Break Beam Eyes and an Evil Ghetto Board installed. Ghetto board was the stock Evil Pimp board. Gun will likely need to be cleaned, and needs one wire repaired. Also comes with one or two Full o-ring kits. $350obo

Olive DM6. Pretty much stock, best I can tell. $250obo

Blue/Black PM5. Has UL frame and Lucky Board. Not sure which chip it has, though it may be a Nox chip. $225obo

I do have a bunch of other stuff available, but its lunch time and I'm hungry.

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