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I didn't get a chance to chime in about this thing, but now that I'm home after passing out for 13 hours and the 7 hour drive back home from PSP, here's my thoughts on this...

So here we go.

Cost- Yeah, it's pricey and I'm a cheap ***... I wouldn't buy it, but if you got the money and no rotor, it'd be worth a look at.

Durability- The body is glass filled nylon and the back piece is some type of lexan... forgot the correct term the virtue rep told me.

Ease of use- Button on, button off, super easy to use. To break the thing down, I only half consciousness watched the promo vid and was able to tear down, reinstall in about 10 seconds. It's super, super easy. To swap out from lid to speedfeed, 3 seconds. Super, super easy.

Aesthetics and other thoughts.
Profile is uber, uber tight. At first impression, I was "I can never love such a thing" and well, I really like it. If money wasn't a factor, I'd get it. The way that this thing goes when there's a jam is genius, the paddles will flex to bypass, or it will go under and spring if there's a super jam. Noclue and I were saying there's no way that the backpiece is durable, well I was skeptical as well. They had a demo/torture test one that they were drop kicking and playing catch with... NO ISSUES.

So my last thoughts. Yes, it's super tight, yes it's super simple to clean and what not, yes it's super expensive.
Would I buy it? Sure would if the price was right, the $200 range, nahh... I'll stick to my rotor that I bought for $95 used.
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