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Originally Posted by Maj Tom View Post

Phantom Kit

Rear Air adapter (Complete valve)
Drop out (Complete Valve)
VA (Complete Valve
Adjustable Stock
45 Frame
Stock Class Body
Euro Frame
14" Barrel
12g Changer (Not pictured)
Parts kit
3 ring sets
I have been doing lots of phantom shopping over the last three months and purchased two of them. Your kit has everything that I think most people find desirable. A CL or Ebay number on the phantom would be 250-300. At 250 it moves quick, but above 300, I think it would sit a while. I see many people trying to get 300+ for phantoms but I don't see many sales. I have bought two heavily customized phantoms for $200 and $125 recently. I wonder how much you could get if you sold the gun without the kit, and parted out the kit.
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