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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
It really look like your rail is pointing too far up. Do fsr have that much rise when they fire? I thought we wanted to angle down...
You are correct.

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
Ok, I cut down a sizer so an AC threaded barrel fits.

It does fit but the bores don't line up. That is why I counterbored my barrels.

I had to take a 1/2" off the sizer.

So, if you want to use a AC barrel you have to cut .250 +/- .002 off the end and counterbore .250dp. x .782 +.000 -.002 for the id.


Our other option is to make a longer breach and put another o-ring on the shell to center it to the barrel.

The barrel modification sounds the least expensive.

I would still like to see a magic barrel. If there is I will make a breach for it. It has been our limited experience that FS is a 100% 1shot kill at 60 yards.
From 70 to 100+ yards is the iffy zone and of course the accuracy degrades the further out it goes.
Yeah, I don't want to butcher my sizers. I'd rather bore a barrel (or actually a .686 brass insert if what I'm thinking will work).

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
That Lapco fsr barrel is the best for shooting first strikes, but you can't shoot regular paint through it.
What Lapco barrel are you talking about? I have a .686 Lapco FS barrel for my 8.1 and it shoots regular paint just fine.
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