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Arrow Tiberius 8: Lapco Suppressor, KJ Compensator, 4 Mags, 3-Mag holster! $200 OBO

Hey y'all. I like pistols, I just feel like I could get away from it for a little bit to cushion the blow to my bank account from my CCM order

So, up on the chopping block is my beloved T8. This is a player's marker, so this pistol has signs of wear, but nothing super noticeable. Shoots very well, no leaks, and has a very balanced feel with the Killjoy compensator on the front. The Lapco raincover has only been used once, I bought it on a whim but it looks pretty tacti-cool installed

Everything you get is:
T8 w/stock barrel
KJ Compensator
Lapco Mock Suppressor (with inserts for 7/8" and 1" barrels)
Tiberius extended barrel
4 8.0 magazines (3 tooled, 1 tooless)
Tiberius 3-magazine leg holster

Enough yap, here are those pics!

Price: $200 shipped OBO
Trades: None please! Need to recoup some funds!

Not willing to part at this time! Sorry Canadians, I'm only willing to ship to the lower 48!
Relatively easy and cheap way to make a Phantom rifle!

I got as much balls as a roman candle.

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