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The bullet-shaped, plastic rounds are fired from our gas powered launchers at upwards of 450 feet per second and have an effective range of 100 yards. These MMS/MEMS controlled devices act as accelerometers and sense when the round is fired and when it makes contact with its target. It then activates the payload in a millisecond before the round can penetrate the body. The payload doesn't activate unless the smart round has experienced sufficient acceleration, centrifugal force and deceleration, which can only occur by firing from one of our approved launchers.

DMAG Launchers Projectiles

A number of other smart payloads are near completion, this includes:

1. Smart pepper-powder filled round
2. Smart FN303 metal powder type round
3. Smart flash-bang round
4. Smart compressed gas-filled round
5. Several other innovative smart rounds

SmartRounds- Non-Lethal & Less-Lethal Smart Bullets

I could see the SR-1 being a very stabile, predictable launch platform for less lethal rounds

Will SmartRounds be available for private citizens? The answer is possibly. Product liability and other legal issues need to be resolved before we can make these smart weapons available to the general public.

maybe they will have first strike clones, but i wonder about the IP...

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