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Some additional dialog might help. Were the Hydrotec balls not breaking as easily as traditional paint? Did all of the Hydrotec impacts feel worse or just that one? I got the impression from Skeletor's shoulder hit that bounces leave less paint than a traditional round. Is this what you found?

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Can you carefully break it open to see if this light weight is due to an unusually large gap between the solidified fill halves?
I figured it would be hard to fully fill the ball, but damn. That looked like >30% of the ball was empty.

It didn't even occur to me the fill would liquify/settle prior to being shot and therefore have an unsymmetrical center of gravity. It must veer off target like a scud.

Hopefully they can consistently fully fill the balls in production.

I'm actually kind of sad my maximum mass estimations appear correct.

Note to self; Start buying Annihilation. 3.4g average mass! Beautiful!

Link isn't working for me.
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