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Brand new splatmaster's signed by Gurnsey for sale

Just saw this on my face book page from my buddy, and figured you guys would love to know. If this has been posted I'm sorry in the future.
Skel Etor
You know how much I love still using my original Splatmaster! Well check this out, from my friend Bob Gurnsey!

"An announcement will be coming very soon about a Very SPECIAL offering on Splatmasters that are the ever LAST Spatmasters that will be created, None have been Produced since 1994! I destroyed the molds in 2004 But I kept 1000's of parts but have Very few Shells. Each Will be signed and Authenticated by me... and come with a Provenance attesting to many additional things..IE: I will promise to never autographed ANY other Splatmasters after the first of this last REGISTERED series is sold. I will be giving more info in next 2 weeks,. we hope to have, merely, 100 of them and surely Hope that in the world there will be 100 Businesses fields Distributors or people that will recognize this These Pistols were the Expanded the sport into an an affordable business and reasonably priced unit to try out a New sport! My Medical cost for the last year were from what we can tell billed out to 3 insurance companies at about ONE MILLION dollars. Lori and I have to provide a low percentage but at this time overly
significant . This will help. ALL of these will be Numbered,, and recorded and Later revealed So that for the next Century they can be Tracked. Prices,,, shipping.. arranged payments...requested serial# info and much more will be answered..I would appreciate as many of my friends to help me SPREAD the Word of tis ,what will become> I believe, a very rare future SPORTS collectible and a Piece of history."
T2 Slot Blockers for sale.

New S6.5 model In stock Get yours now.
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