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Are we there yet?
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I got to go to CCM yesterday!

I'll start out with a thank you to Bill an Laurie for letting me come and visit for the day, probably throws you guys for loop how there are fans that want to come see a machine shop. And I'll see if I can sum it up.

For me and probably a lot of people out there it's not just that you put out quality products both paintball and non-paintball (DPM products), It's the team of people you have working for you. And I got to get to put face to name and really enjoyed meeting those who I hadn't meet before, seeing their skill and professionalism. And with Rod and Mel heading up your CCM production and sales department its business trifecta, quality product made by skilled people with passion for what they do. It's great dealing with a company like this and having the chance to see it first hand for us (the fans) is something that helps use feel that much closer to our sport and really get an appreciation for the products we have purchased.

Also Rod and Mel thanks for tour and for putting up with all the questions. It was great seeing you guys again and next time around lunch is on me.

With all the sappy stuff out the way. I got to see the J12 and SR-1 first hand these are 2 great new products and from the looks they are getting real close to being released. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. I want an umpaloompa now daddy!
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