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70 SOLD 99 spec polished WGP body w/ back block, VA, front block, and beavertail. Could use a new polish. All threads are good, just could be prettier. - $45 SOLD
71 SOLD Black Magic body half blocked and mini’d. Bought this as a project, never got around to using it. Previous owner stated that the mini cut was too deep so the new hole was never threaded. Will need either a few minutes or a few bucks but should be a nice setup when complete. - $45 SOLD
72 AIM 21 in flawless condition. This one will make a really nice cocker when assembled. - On Ebay

73 SOLD WGP composite slider - $30 SOLD
74 SOLD Eclipse Blade w/ hogue grips, chrome was pitting but an epoxy was glazed over the pitting to make it stop. Really nice frame, it just won’t win beauty contests - $38 SOLD
75 SOLD Unknown slider w/ ANS grips – Here we go… it is a flat black (not gloss and not dust), top two grip holes are stripped and need helicoiled but works great as it is. Nice trigger job with polished internals. It came from a St. Louis area tournament cocker. It does not look like any other I have seen, leading me to believe this may be one of a short run made by Mark Davis back in the day. Will be an amazing frame once you put in some 8/32 helicoils. - $38 SOLD
76 SOLD pewter ANS quickfire in like new condition, hands down the smoothest slider frames made. - $55 SOLD
77 SOLD great condition dust black Benchmark .45 slider - $50 SOLD

78 SOLD Palmer’s stabilizer, recently rebuilt by Palmers and had the bottom section replaced with the new quick removal slotted style. Includes the original one too. - $55 SOLD
79 SOLD Macdev Gladiator - $45 SOLD
80 SOLD Evil Det. (SOLD) and untested Detonator with air fitting (SOLD), Air America Vigilante is beat up and missing bottom cap, for parts - $8 ea SOLD


81 Stainless lines – 14”, 11” 7.5” are $6 ea – 7”, 6” (2 gone), and 4” are $3 ea
82 Micro gauges – 2 ANS 500psi (Both SOLD, other has a crack in the glass), bigger ANS 800psi, DYE 300 (SOLD), 32 degrees 600 (SOLD)- $5 ea
83 Larger gauges 2 ANS 800psi, ANS 1200psi, PMS 4000 and 1200, ashcroft 1200 - $3 ea
84 Quick disconnects $6 ea
85 90 degree fittings - $2 ea (2 SOLD)


86 Remote line with all fittings and on/off - $16
87 Stainless Remote line w/ on/off or use as fill whip - $16

Chrome ASAs

88 Drop w/ ASA and lime fitting (fitting is stuck and 1 screw needs easy out) - $2
89 Beat up drops – 1 free with any purchase
90 like new System X drop/onoff/cradle - $10
91 SOLD CP Factory Team drop and rail - $7 SOLD
92 Unknown drop and rail with some pitting - $4
93 SOLD WGP ASA plus free spare cage - $7 SOLD

Black ASAs

94 Spyder ASA – free with any purchase
95 AIM drop and on/off with macro fitting - $12
96 32 degrees drop and rail - $6
97 CP Factory Team drop and rail - $6
98 KAPP on/off - $10
99 SOLD Proto ASA w/ macro fitting - $12 SOLD
100 Neat 8 position adjustable VL drop - $12


101 SOLD Hogue palm swells - $12 SOLD
102 SOLD Aggtastic grips - $6 SOLD
103 Hogue .45 grips - $8 ea (5 sold, still have 3 left)
104 SOLD good condition (minor scratches) red SP grips (does not have the metal pin, but doesn’t need it either) - $45 SOLD
105 SOLD Dye stickies - $8 ea all SOLD

Screw Kits

106 I’m really happy to be offering these now. A couple of months ago I would have bought one in a heartbeat. I was sick of making runs to the hardware store to buy crappy flathead screwdriver screws to use on my paintball markers. I bought bulk screws for classic markers, and am now offering them to you. These are high quality YFS steel (black oxide coated) standard hex-head screws. You get 4 each of ASA screws, cocker beavertail screws, trigger frame screws, and grip screws. That’s a total of 56 screws! Great for cockers, mags, spyder, etc. Price: $15 per set. (9 kits sold, lots left!)

Don’t forget to check out the Delrin .45 grips panels I have for sale in my sig! Add them to your order to save on shipping.

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