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Possible solution for low pressure cocking issues. Discuss.

I'm working on the home mods from Otter's site to get my old mechanical triggered Spyder to work with low pressure. One thing I am having problems with is cupping the face of the striker to aid in cocking the striker back. That striker is some hard stuff!
So I'm moving on; and since the problem seems to be hit or miss, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

One possible solution I have thought about is moving that exhaust hole on the striker side of the valve body further back and plug the existing exhaust hole. What I'm figuring is, the longer I can keep the pressure (moving the stiker back) high, the better the chance that the striker will recock.
I have marked the location of the striker in the cocked position, and figured I would drill the hole just forward of that position.

So what say you guys?
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