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Originally Posted by Cannon Fodder View Post
Just noticed the ones in the ebay shop, three questions:

1) are they only available in .687 and .690 or are smaller available / will be available?

2) will they work with the normal over the barrel pump?

3) what thread is the front end of them - i.e. will my phantom barrel screw straight in?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there! For some reason I am just seeing this thread, so sorry about that.

1) What we have on the Phantom sizers is all we have. That product line was shut down a couple of years ago and these are the remaining sizers left.

2) They will.

3) Your Phantom barrel will not work with these sizers. They will only work with the CCM manufactured Phantom barrel.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.
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