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Originally Posted by Waylost View Post
Scarab round ready?
New firststrike?
ya their finned paintball, not sure if they have a license or just copying
should be interesting to hear their story

here is a email response to one of the OG'ers

Originally Posted by Scarab Arms
the retail sticker price is $699.00USD pre order will be a pretty good price, stay tuned for pre order price
Originally Posted by Scarab Arms
The Magazines we manufacture are proprietary to the SCARAB TGR2 but the marker itself will accept 2 other 0.68cal mags so if you already run a mag fed you will probably still be able to use your old mags.

Scarab Mags are patent pending designs that utilize the U - Turn concept but the internals are designed to accept fin stabilized and regular 0.68 Paintballs, it does feature a winding mechanism but we were able to iron out the notorious problems with the other winding mechanisms like the tangled threads/cables etc.. and the chopping issues or misfeeds....

The 12 round Mag will take 12 0.68 paintballs but only 10 FS The 18 rounder will take 18 0.68 and 16 FS.

I will be posting more info online ASAP and hopefully a video too.

Please stay tuned and thanks a lot for your interest in Scarab Arms.

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