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Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
Is it just me, or are all the mag fed options coming out seeming a bit too... complete?

Give me something like what CCM is doing with their bolt action gun. Just a main body, but compatible with existing furniture. That way I can put on whatever I want, or even not put anything on if I choose. A stripped down mag fed gun with a bare barrel, single rail along the top, and a small bottom-line tank (9oz, 13ci, etc) would be a joy to play with.
In other words... Tippmann or KEE should step up and slap a magwell on the 98 or BT-4. Keep the price the same, and boom, mag-style play takes off overnight. Everyone can use their existing upgrades and tactilawl accessories and nobody has to shell out $700 for what's still a very niche marker.
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