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Yeah... Except that the rounds that are made for Tiberius are made by the same company that makes the non-lethal rounds. The history is long and interesting, and starts with paintball.
Yes, you are correct. Even Tiberius used to (and still does) provide the non-lethal markers to the law enforcement community. The thing is, many people think Tiberius is the one that came up with the rounds which is simply not right. Heck, probably these "scarab rounds" are from the same manufacturer too but we won't know until it comes out or until more information on it is released. Effective and innovative design none-the-less.

Btw, have anyone ever tried firing the finned rounds out of a rifled barrel with twist rifling? I've never tried it, but I am wondering how the grooves in the fins and the twist rifling affect eachother.
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