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Tippmann 68 Carbine w/J&J barrel FS

I picked this up a the local shop for my son to get into paintball but its too big for him and he wants to get into pistol play like his old man. (sniff sniff). I aired it up back in November and it held air fine. The action now seems a little sticky and it definitely needs some attention. I haven't done anything to it and am selling it as is with a VL200 that came with it and the JJ barrel that came with it. I know nothing else about the gun, sorry.

Price: Traded....
Trades: Sure, whatever. Brass projects, neglected PGPs, leaking PPS guns, pistols, send em my way.

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Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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