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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I agree that I've heard plenty of folks complain about the side to side play on their risers. I did however, buy mine during the first month or two of release. I duracoated it and, possibly overspray eliminated or reduced it in my case, or maybe they were just inconsistent in their manufacture, and I lucked out. ?

If Tiberius means 30% shorter in length, then they may have just done what I did to mine. I think mine is about 20% (maybe a little less) lighter by getting rid of the two full length aluminum side rails, and cutting the front flush to the short plastic rails (for which it was already drilled and tapped for). They could really skeletonize it but, it'd add a lot more to the cost (in machine time).
I remember you're posts when you mentioned cutting down the rail. While I have never actually seen your altered version, my first thought was that it probably was close to a dimensional duplicate of yours.
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