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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
The issue I'm having so far is. The rail on the trracer is kinda tall to begin with so adding the tib just looks redic. Also the tib is a bit long and hangs over the the front of the trracer rail. This shorter one I'm sure will look better. Couple that with the fact that so far the tib is the cheapest vs the killjoy, the optimizer, and that air rifle one someone posted. I think the air rifle one would work the best for me. But as UV said it doesn't give enough elevation to be effective. The killjoy would look the next best but is more expensive. Once I get my barrel and scope. I'm going to test it out and see if I can get away with no riser at all. If not I'll have to see than. If with the scope and no riser I find that I need it higher for.mask.clearence than ima need a riser either way so it might as well be adjustable. At that point I'll have to determine how much higher it needs to be and base my decision on that.
Don't plan on hitting anything over 50 yards without an adjustable riser.

If the FSR riser was lower in profile the barrel would block your view.

The FSR riser is easier to adjust on the fly. No need to loosen and tighten anything. I duno about you guys but I shoot at people at all different ranges not just a static 75 yards or whatever.
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