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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
You could easily see reg creep on HPA, so not totally makes no sense.
If you read the OP you can see it's obvious that no reg is being used. There for no gauge is needed.

Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
What the heck is wrong with an extra gauge here and there. The cool factor alone ought to make it a few inches more accurate.

I am all for the cool factor. But again, if its just for show, it doesn't need to be correct.

Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Dude, some of these stock class guns get like 40 shots off of one 12 gram, do you know how hard it is to count to 40, that's almost like counting to 10 four freaking times.
Originally Posted by BenoitOWN View Post
Count your reload?
I used to count my fingers and toes, but I kept getting shot out when I got to about 11. Ref's really are not fond of people taking their shoes and socks off on the field. That's why I got a pair of those shoes with the toes.. Oh YEah!!!
In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.
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