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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I'll chime in here with some constructive criticism. Great gun, fabulous value for the $ for a new pump player, great features stock.

That said I don't personally recommend it to new (to the sport) players or those not mechanically inclined. There was a few local guys in FL that had them and they were notorious for shooting a couple small parts off and causing a full scale search. All that just from guys messing around with removing the bolt.

Nothing like 10 guys at a big game crawling around in the grass like they're looking for a contact. I personally consider it a design flaw considering the package IS aimed at new players.

If you are able to tech your own gear without breaking the gun or losing parts you should be ok.

I second the recommendation for a used Sniper (pump kitted Autococker) from the BST. You can get a lot of gun for $100-250. Use that to decide if pump is for you, then you can sell it for close to the same coin and upgrade if you're going to stick with it.
What parts would those be? Nothing in my experience with mine flies out, but removing the pump kit is a bitch and a 1/2.
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