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I picked up 2 used rotors and they usually work well, though I have had them jam such that even pulling on the jam release trigger didn't help. This on more than one occasion, after making sure they were spotless, and had new, quality batteries in them. Not sure if it was the paint, or the user as several times they were being loaned out while I used one of my rip clips. I did have this happen to me a few times with each one, so I have not used them as much, though I still carry at least one as a loaner. I even purchased the Virtue Rotor Soft Cycle Arm without a major difference. There was some, but not much. BTW, if anyone has any other suggestions, please PM me.

I have a Z2 that I also picked up used and it has worked well - unlike the above. Only possible concerns with the Z2: 1) Wiggles somewhat when full, even with the feedneck clamped down tightly - not the case with my old prophecies with the metal ring. 2) 4 batteries vs 3 for Rotor 3) plastic is much closer to the Rotor consistency, but thinner, so it could break before a rotor would. It is a VAST improvement over the previous prophecy's plastic (I have 2 older prophecies with only the aluminum feedneck since the plastic around the feedneck broke off).
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