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My DMC was the smoothest marker I have ever shot, also the fastest I have ever seen a marker cycle, with eyes off it chopped paint coming from a full 9v modded rotor. It had a Tadao chip, and a nice CP trigger plus a few other ups.

That said, I didn't like the gun. Kept eating lube, I tried everything. Also didn't feel good in my hands. Bought it for 50$, had it a month, and flipped it for 250$.

You guys are gonna hate me, but I liked the NT I used. I wasn't mine, I borrowed it from a buddy to play DDay speedball. It felt perfect and natural in my grip, the shots went right where my stance said they should, and it was smooth. It was an original NT, the eye pipe was in pieces but it still worked. Can't comment on reliabity or price since just borrowed it, but I liked it. I'm looking to pick one up maybe, I want it, I just don't need another marker
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