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Originally Posted by Tohri View Post
Popularity is just the fallacy that "one million idiots can't be Wrong'

I wanna see something that makes engineering sense from a PAINTBALL standpoint, not 'How can we make this look like an AR?"

What about an FG-42 inspired marker? Side-feed mags. Or something that uses a polymer magazine with a constant tension spring?

Or maybe a side-feeding U shaped mag with a constant tension spring feeding First Strikes, With a 20 round feed on top for normal paintballs, a Dogleg stock off the bottomline, a vertical adapter for 3.5-9oz co2 tanks, and ION/Mag/Tippmann internals?

By the way, I actually LIKE the BT-15, because it's design has some damn inspiration behind it, it's not JABB dressed up to look like an AR.
I remember when I started getting into paintball and the Armotech WG series were overpriced, hideously Bad blowbacks dressed up like ARs. I stand unimpressed, a Decade later.
While i would like to see the sames things as you do, it doesnt change what i said. Doesnt matter
I disagree with the statement "Popularity is just the fallacy that "one million idiots can't be Wrong' ". Popularity is simply how appealing and liked something is to the general population. It doesnt not say anything about truth or fallacies and does not claim to. Popularity is based on opinion. And opinion has nothing to do with truth. It is merely what we believe to be truth or what is true relative to each being.

What does it mean from the business perspective? It means money. While i'd like to see some more innovation from bigger companies, ultimately the bottom line for many businesses is money and that's how many companies are going to base their opinions.

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