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I really liked playing with the two or three I had.
I rebuilt them and fixed trigger issues and they worked great and were very consistent but I did encounter a couple flaws.

I also loved the updated trap door (Trap door Pro?) and ran mine with a Stiffi Switch kit. The trigger was short and crisp but a little heavy (which I didn't mind).

The one I still have has developed an issue with the back volume chamber moving slightly as I fire it which I think must have resulted from an over pressurizing of the volume chamber very slightly bending the back of the grip frame or body to not hold the back plug correctly. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
I would probably try to contact ICE but don't even want to bother based on the trouble others have had.

The other issue which I felt was a problem on all three of mine were the threads that held the foregrip into the body. I don't think I stripped any but I did feel they would strip out eventually because there wasn't much meat for the screw to go into.
To me this is an understandable sacrifice for the super light factor of the Epic but still I prefer being able to completely eat it (and I do on a regular basis) and not worry about breaking the foregrip.

In the end the Blazer and Mag won for both reliability and durability but for all of us on MCB these are a great gun to add to your random play crate.
Hope that helps and oh yeah as Squid said, very loud pop (but not necessarily a drawback to me either),
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