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Originally Posted by NPpballer View Post
The orange Pre-Dye Comp posted in this thread was sold to a mod on PBN before I could snatch it up. I believe his posted asking price was $500 or $550.
Originally Posted by laxpro69 View Post
The orange pre-dye ended up selling for $350 (not to me). It was also posted on here.
Originally Posted by Robinsucks View Post
$350 seems like a really good deal. Or is that just average?
Originally Posted by worrptangl View Post
For the older one that's average. For the mini comp that would be a steal!

Originally Posted by Robinsucks View Post
So NPpballer is saying he was considering it at ~$500ish and you are saying $350 is a pretty standard price?
That's not how I read it.
Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
I will ban folks.... I swear.
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