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pouches and FS tactics

Hoping to get better feedback here that what I got at TA forums.
I am looking for opinions, experience feedback before I buy on what others are doing for concealed/distance play.

I am running a T9 with FS upgrades (TA kit and Lapco FS barrel, cartridges) , 4X32 X-bow scope, and am trying to figure out a pack/pouch setup for sniper/concealed play. I am concerned about clanking while running and ease of release/sound when removing a mag from a pouch. Tactics I have been entertaining a method using a camo blanket rather than a suit.

So far I think wtfpb has the best custom pouches I have seen. No velcro, sound or clanking while running. However I dont speak from experience (have not bought any yet). FS rounds I have found can be faster loaded via a pouch (loose) rather than a tube so I might stick with a small dump pouch for reloading mags. Although the tube method gives you the exact amount to load.

For carrying I was thinking of using a backpack or bike carrier type bag where you could move to a position, (prone or kneeling) cover with a blanket, and layout (flip open) a bag or something similar and have all your mags etc exposed right there under the blanket with you. If you needed to move quickly you could stuff the blanket (or leave draped on shoulders), and close the flap, throw bag over your shoulder and secure/move.

all feedback appreciated on how folks are running rigs, concealment ideas, pouches, packs... etc...

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