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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
the striker is hardened steel. i personally doubt the effectiveness of cupping its face.

if you have a rocket valve, you wouldn't need a hole at the bottom at all.

when i installed my rocket valve, i also threaded the exhaust to plug it with a grub screw, in order for it to be removable in the future just in case. you can try that route.

That is dead center my line of thinking, just as a back-out if it didn't work. Thread the existing hole and plug it, drill the new hole; and id it doesn't work out, tap and plug the old hole, and buy the Rocket valve. I was contemplating the Rocket valve when I purchased the spring kit; but wanted to see how well my handywork on the stock valve turned out.

I read some mixed views about the cupping the face. Once I found out just how hard it was to grind, I quickly sided with the not-so-worth-it camp. :-D

Gimme a second, and I'll post up a pic of the gun I'm working on. I'm giddy with this one.
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