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Originally Posted by MikeyD. View Post
Thought about that as well, but not sure my wife would appreciate the growing number of guns. I do have a LPR lying around somewhere (i think its a Micro Rock or whatever), really not sure if it works or not but that would make the Pneu mod cheaper. when the Classic chuffs, is it only after increasing the rate of fire, or is it more random?
The classic cycle time is about twice that of the x-valve (~60 msec vs ~35 msec), and the x-valve will fight against the mpa-3 a little more to get to the recharge state. When you flop one finger right after the other, or you are slow to pick the first finger up, you can be asking the valve to recharge in a time that would be faster than two shots at 20 bps. An x-valve can make that, but a classic can't. You get ball collisions since the second ball is limping along and the next ball catches up in the barrel or up to a few feet out.

Some people get along fine with classic pneus. I would mess up a pneu'd x-valve about once a day with a barrel break, usually trying to run and chew gum (shoot) at the same time. After a year or so of messing around, I put a classic valve back in it with electronics. Now it never screws up.
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