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When you click on any of the pictures to enlarge them, click on them again in the screen that pops up. It will resize it self to even bigger so you can see with better detail.

I've got a bunch of older stuff I'm going to help a friend sell. It is all currently in my possession, and I've taken some photos. A lot of it is miscellaneous stuff that's almost worthless, but there were some goodies in the pile, and it's not the stuff I'm familiar with. I'd to sell this stuff for a fair price. I've looked up other sale threads on similar things, so I have a general idea; I'd just like to run it by some of you to make sure I'm on the right track.


I knew zero about these things when I first laid eyes on it. Overall it seems in good condition. Comes with 4 clips (one in gun as pictured) and the hopper adapter. There are small cracks in the hopper adapter, and I'm sure the plastic is getting old. Has the gas-thru stock. Not sure what else I can tell you about it. Price ~$500ish?

AGD Sydarm

Sydarm SY00445. Matte gray body, benchmark frame. Overall the outside of the gun has wear to it, like it sat in a gear box and got shuffled around a bit. In the end, though, it's a Mag. You can't hurt it; damn thing is made of steel. The barrel, conversely, is almost new. The owner had a longer barrel with a silencer he'd put on it, so the stock barrel sat around doing nothing. Price ~$400ish?

VSC Phantom

Physically nice condition. Gloss black. Serial #27311 stamped on the bottom of the trigger guard. ~$250ish?


This Phantom had a shoddy homemade paint job done to it in green and brown camo. It looks like I waited too long in the day to take pictures, because it's a lot darker than I intended. A lot of that paint job is flaking off, so it's not the prettiest gun out there. Has one of those homemade silencers on the barrel, and the stock has some wobble in it. Serial#24080 stamped on the bottom of the trigger guard. ~$175ish?
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