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A couple years ago I purchased a couple OCD padded headbands and I have had Zero issues with them! I'm a big guy and I sweat alot so trust me when I tell you these headbands do a fantastic job of keeping sweat out of your mask and eyes. Even in 106 degree temps I had no problems. The padding has saved me from more than one goose egg on my forehead. Recently I placed another order of headwraps to change things up bit. I was pleasntly surprised when my package arrived. The newer ones fit better and seem to be made better all the way around. I've played wearing one last weekend and it worked great! I couldn't be happier with the quality of this product.

There was a hickup with the order but he more than made up for the delay. I can't say enough good things about his headwraps. I highly recommend anybody think long and hard about getting any of the big name branded headwraps over these I have a couple myself and hands down prefer OCD.
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