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Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
a pneumag will be inherently less reliable than a straight mech setup... i know i have had mine crap out on several occasions... fortunately i chose the typical maggot path and have at least 4 other mags to choose from lol.
Yep, more parts means less reliability, especially with adding LPRs. However, the only thing that has, err, given up on my EP classic is the quad o-rings I put in it. I went back and tuned it with a regular o-ring. A palmers micro rock has been well behaved, which helps the solenoid valve. I think if you get it set up right and use loctite right, they do alright, especially for the higher rate of fire that they usually end up with.

There's a good pneu thread in the stickies above. You have to plan out your air lines on a pneu, it can make a difference in cost and operation. You get into the valves and ram, but the air line routing can get left to the end and cause trouble.
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