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"Where's the pump?"
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Double Barreled Phantom Build

So we built this for the Sunday Raffle for Supergame 44. We call it "The Scaramanga". This was a joint build between GearHeadz PB, Mike Cassidy of CCI and RageQuit PB. Mike donated all the parts for the build and helped with design. Keith Duvall of Gearheadz PB made the custom case, inserts and ebony grips.

It was built on a plate and works with out modifying any of the original parts.

All together minus the 45 frame... and all apart ready for anno

All done! We included inserts for 10rnd tubes, cut down velocity adjuster rod,12 grams and a custom delrin pen and pencil set.

Pretty happy with the way it turned out. Working on gen 2 which will have a 2 stage trigger and possibly be dual Phantom Revolutions (that was Mike's idea).
Any one can make it shoot faster... but its more fun to make it a pump!

Machinist and R&D for Gearheadz PB
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