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Originally Posted by [MOOSE] View Post
Woops!!!! Typo!!! Lol that's funny.

What hpr would be a good choice? And lpr.
Does it need a new HPR or LPR? If not, just stick with those for now. The only aftermarket LPR I'm aware of is from AKA which is almost as expensive as the entire marker.

EDIT: I got a Promaster for a project several months ago. After a lot of reading, the only upgrade that I was really interested in was the 'ebay' valve. Unfortunately, it looks like those are not available anymore. If you can find one of those, they are supposed to be worth it.

The Crammer was an aftermarket ram that opened up the volume of the ram and let you drop the LPR. Supposed to get less kick that way. I haven't used mine to shoot paint yet, so I don't have a comment one way or the other as to if that is needed.
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