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Mokal Titans were built in early 00's I think. Canadian company... We didn't see many down here, but those that had them that I've met equated them to Tippmanns... Not really sexy, but good solid performers.

I think that the barrel threads are proprietary. You may have some fun tracking any replacements down. The company is still in business however, so you should be able to get some support from them.

The Armson sight is a OEG sight. It's made to be used with both eyes open. You keep both eyes open when you look through it with your dominant eye, and your brain superimposes the dot on your target. It takes a bit to get used to, but it works. The cool thing is that it doesn't matter if the front of the sight is blocked, so you can put them on centerfeeds and whatnot where a normal red dot would be useless. They also don't require any batteries. If you end up selling it, you will likely be able to get around $40.00 for it.
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