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Have you thought about a H-Harness?
They're light enough and flexible enough to allow for concealed movement, but maintain the carrying capacity of an assault vest.
I run mine with 4 Full-Clip tib pouches (velcro closure though) and a dump pouch on the rear - never had a problem with sway (or noise for that matter).

You can fit 12g's (if you need them) or a radio on the shoulder straps if you require that kind of thing, plus it will easily fit over or under a concealment vest if you're planning on using one.

As trinity said though, it does depend on the mission and what strokes you as an operator use - I normally forgo "propper" camouflage in favour of a UBACS shirt and just use the environment to get close (I use the 8.1, so I don't snipe per se, but instead use the same tactics to infiltrate then take out key targets with the FS).

Then again, it also depends on how many rounds you think you're going to use...

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