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Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
9/10, it's seems a little cut off at the bottom but I like the sharpness and the color. The color of the sky works well with the color of the fence IMO.

I call this one effin' pigeons :-D
I like it. Few things i've noticed though. First, the 1/5 or so of the left side of the image is empty. When taking the shot, i would have panned more to the right so the statues would fill in more of the frame. Also maybe its my monitor but the pigeon seems to be glowing just a little bit compared to the other objects in frame. I would have isolated it and lower the luminosity, especially on its forward wing, just a little bit to remove the glowy look.

Here is another picture I took at the great sand dunes, in Colorado. I know I could have done more to it in post editing but from what I remember the picture looks like what I actualy saw when I was there.

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