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Please allow me to introduce myself...

so i have been around for a while and i figured why not introduce myself... soooo on with the pictures i suppose...

My Kp2

well my cameras batteries died so ill get some pictures of myself and of my beloved car later... for all of you who love old cars it you will probally like it. i drive a 1967 mercury cougar that is in show condition and has a 429 cobra jet engine put in it. well some other day i suppose...

okay here are the pictures of my car and then like 2 of me and my girlfriend.

this was at the last car show i went to just some pictures of it on display.

and here is the engine. its a 429 cobra jet that me and my dad rebuilt. the car gets around 400 horsepower and really gets up and goes when you need it too. the best part is we found the engine and the c6 transmission at a yard sale for 300 bucks. ha ha lady didnt know what she had or really just didnt care... then again she was selling her ex's stuff...

and finally her are some pictures of me and Krystal

Oh yea and the red el camino in the background is my dads cars... old cars are kinda my thing so if any of you have some pictures i would not be apposed to seeing them... currently car wise my family has '66 el camino, my '67 cougar, '56 convertible bel air, '55 hard top bel air, and a 1940 Ford Deluxe


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