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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
Smarts Parts made All Americans and Boss barrels in the Titan thread. PMI also made a PMI Perfect barrel for it since they were distributors of the gun. My girlfriend has the AA, purchased from my store back in 99. they also made Venturi bolts for them.
I've been trying to find barrels since I found out what they were, but all I've been able to come up with is the lapco adapter. If I find one on ebay or just cruising the internet, I'll probably grab it, but in the meantime I'll get the adapter and the J&J for spyders. I love the 14in J&J i have on my a5, and it's gotten me 4 100+ foot headshots in the 2 games I have used it so...

Also I sent my friend a pic of them, and he said that when the field we had up here closed he bought all the rental guns, and there are a bunch of titans. When he comes back up from Arizona, we're gonna take a look at them. If any are useable I'll post on the b/s/t forum to see if you (or anybody else) would be interested in a couple.
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