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These are actually the second version of the Legend, the Nemesis. They have the etra milling on the valve and reg.
Although the valve may be the same as the Legend I am not sure. They are beautiful guns and the grips have always reminded me of a Semi Automatic California cobra.

I have been looking for a Legend for a long time, probably 7 years but I think I will have to settle with a Nemesis...for now!

I think I first saw Proto's picture of his Legend on his Prototypical gun guide and later have found articles in UK magazines I have collected.
With Mike's (Cannon Fodder's) help we were able to each get one of these guns but the seller wouldn't part with spares parts for some reason?

Mike sent it off to me around 2 weeks ago and I have been watching tracking ever day waiting for it to clear customs and get from the UK to California.

Finally came in today and it looks amazing. When breaking them down the gun I was surprised to find that the valve is more of an inline blowforward with a nelson style valve at the back?

Basically you cock forward the knob at top, pull the trigger, the hammer released and strikes the nelson valve and then the burst pushes the bolt forward (similar to the normal blowforward bolt) but the bolt is connected to the hammer and supposedly recocks the gun?

I will get broken down pictures in a few days but the valve was not what I thought it would be, I was expecting something closer to a mag.

Here is a scan from the September 1992 issue of Paintball Games International. Don't think the valve shown in the pictures is real or maybe it's the second version.

I am soooo happy to add this gun to my collection.
Enjoy! And thanks to Mike for the trouble he went through to get these!

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