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End of my hunt!

Thank you to everyone who has been on the lookout for me to help me track down an S6.

While doing some browsing in the buy/sell/trade section, I saw a picture of a beautiful gloss black S6 that someone was offering as a trade for another marker. Thankfully, that trade didn't work out.

This S6 isn't perfect, and is going to need some work, but that's completely fine. I paid a decent-ish price for it, and and will just bite the bullet and order the parts I need from CCM.

The current 45 trigger frame doesn't use the keyhole type screws to attach to the body, and that is a bit unsightly. Also, this one uses the ball bearing and spring to retain the AT cam, and from the sounds of it, those are history, as the cam moves around quite a bit. I think that I'm just going to order a new 86 black trigger frame for it. Does anyone know if I will need to order a different AT to go with it?

Thanks to zen-master TF and his great videos and manual, I'm going to do a complete teardown when she arrives next week, and see what else may be lurking in the innards.

It also goes without saying that I know I can always give Lori, Mel, and Rod a call if I'm ever in need of parts, assistance, or moral support for the day.

Thanks again for everyone who has been watching ebay, craigslist, and MCB for a great S6 for me. This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to CCM as well, you're the best in the business!
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