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Hey guys, so it's time to move and unfortunately our new apartment is half the size of the current place and somehow I swear even more clothes, shoes and just random things she has collected have already claimed a majority of the storage space. I'm hoping to get what you believe is the value of some of my markers and just see if there is any interest in them. First up is my Oh Pawlak Mag, I also have the matching anno powerfeed but forgot to get a picture of it. It has a recently rebuilt Palmer's nickel stab and a Palmer's barrel on there to have it all match. I also have fittings for macro lines but found them to be nothing but trouble so threw the good ole stainless back on there.

The anno on the ASA has some wear and is a little faded but is the only part that is. Next I have my trusty sidekick PPS Pug. She was one of the last pugs PPS made with the 12g in the lower tube because she had to go back for leaks a couple times. Palmer's was awesome when that happened and Craig ended up making a double oring part and she has shot amazing ever since. Honestly I don't really want to sell her it's just she doesn't get the field time she deserves. The only time she ever gets used is when my Kp is at Palmer's for something new. She has spring feed with the slot on the bottom so you cant see it/ get paint in there is she gets shot, milled low rise sight rail, wrinkle black powder coat, feed tube on the left side, and the grips on there are ones I made from american walnut finished with oil. I also have the original grips that Palmer's shipped her with.

Let me know what you guys think. If I do end up putting them up I want to give you all first crack at them.

Thanks everyone
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