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It gets better!

Is the price correct on that Bravo One? A new one is only like $170 so did you mean $180? I wanted to pick my brother one up but $1800 is a bit steep.

$1,800 is the correct price This is far from the original new one i have been working on this gun for over 2 years now and have put more than $2,500 into it the barrell alone has more than $800-900 dollars worth of upgrades
There is also custom paintjob on the gun there is reciever, exterior and interior, functional modifications done to this gun that you will not find on any other bravo one due to the extensive hours of work i have done to it, theres almost nothing original from the gun left almost everything has been changed and/or modified with expesive parts the hanguard alone on the barrel ran me over $400 an actual M4A1 carbine charging handle cocks the gun back and is functional the side hole on the gun has been filled in and the old cocking system removed perminantly you will never find a bravo one that will match the calibre of this one due to the craftsmanship and engineering done to it to create functional modifications.
I told him I was interested (which I am) to see better pictures of what he's done. Who knows maybe he actually did do some great custom one-off work to it? I've always been a bit of an optimist.
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