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While the guy is still out of his mind for asking that much, you guys ARE overlooking there is a decent bit of custom work into this thing. The side-cocking slot has been filled and he's modded the receivers to use an M4-style charging handle for the actual cocking, not just for decoration. All of the other stuff on there does add up pretty quick, but again, no one these days is paying a premium for cosmetic mods. The "distressed" paint job is actually sort of popular among the milsim guys since it makes it look like the gun has been around the block a few times. If he was dumb enough to put an actual Eotech on there and not an airsoft copy, that's quite a few bills too. Like I said, not worth anywhere near $1800 to anyone but a fool with money to burn, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he had almost that much put into it.
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