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So, i got some time and a few beers yesterday..

.. so i made this.

a body for my evil m project. It was modelled by my friend with the drawings i found on pbnation ( i think ). And as somebody said they are not 100% correct so we measured and fixed some of the dimensions. Buuut.. As it turns out we didnt still get them 100% correct..

The feedneck surfaces are bit offcentered. Not too much though as the threads didnt extrude the body
But im not completely satisfied on the body, so it will go on the BST-section soon after iŽll measure the bugs and fix the 3d-model. A bit nitpicking but im annoyed by the fact that there are errors and i can make a better job on the next body...

Also i have to buy a proper ballend mill so i can mill between the pipes and around the iron cross better.

I sanded most of the toolmarks off with 400 grit paper, so there will be more sanding and buffing ahead. But nothing that time and a case of beer wont fix..

But yeah..If someone is interested on the body PM me.
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