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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
I actually should have made the complete statement... They can be done, but the cost of changing the machinery would drive the price to around $60 each, which is outrageous. Plus, the number of "bad" units produced for each good unit would increase That really starts to cut into the return on investment.

I would be willing to pay $60 an insert

The rest of that equation would be...

What barrel could be bored to support the system?

I would think that finding a barrel to support it would be fairly easy. Any 1pc barrel that has a large enough OD so it didn't get too weak, right? Basically how people bore barrels to accept freak inserts, but longer. Maybe I am missing something obvious...

Who can do a 9" deep accurate bore at Freak diameter? (My current setup is maxed out at 6")

That I don't know. I do not know machining that well. I would have guessed that if you can bore a 9" insert, you could bore a 9" barrel.

If you wish to invest around $1000, I can build a new machine and produce these. (Personally, I do not believe that you would ever be able to recoop the investment.)

Why $1000 now? I thought it would have been $60 an insert. I am confused

Thanks for the reply Ty, answers are in italics in the quote
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