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Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
Shin Splints are an indication that something is not right in your biomechanics. You may need more support or more cushioning. Some people get good results from orthotics, others get good results from very cushioned flexible shoes.
I fully agree that shin splints are an indication that something is wrong with your biomechanics. However I strongly disagree that more support or more cushioning is the solution. The problem with most running shoes is that they are trying to correct a problem by adding more of what is causing the problem to begin with. Your foot never evolved to spend two thirds of your life wrapped in padding. Or, if you prefer intelligent design over evolution, then God would not have created a sad weak appendage with which his favorite creation would need to ambulate across His wonderful world. The reason your feet hurt is that they are weak. The muscles are under developed and adding more cushioning multiplies the problem. I am not a doctor nor do I work anywhere in the medical field. I am only speaking from my personal experience with shin splints and foot pain. And from all the time I spent researching the subject for myself. The Human foot is an amazing piece of anatomy, set it free and see for yourself what its capable of.

Disclaimer: The preceeding message is all personal opinion and should be read as such.
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